YAYOI (London)
YAYOI (London)

Photographer, journalist and flower decor consultant

YAYOI was born in Japan and graduated from Japan Physical University to pursue gymnastics. She then studied journalism at Columbia University, New York.
YAYOI has been based in UK since 1988.  After ten years working in fashion world for mode magazines, TV media and PR firms she changed her focus to Life Style photography including Interior, Garden, Flower, Food, Wedding and most importantly People.
Her work has been featured in many magazines, books, posters, website images and CD covers in Japan, UK, Swiss and Sweden, including The Best Flower Arrangement, Vogue Japan, Vogue UK, Italian Vogue, Marie Claire Japan and Hi Fashion, Ponta Box CD cover, Garden Illustrated, Living Etc. and so on.
<Recent published books>
・Tea book “My Favourite Tea Places in London” at  Amazon (styling & photography by YAYOI)
・Cooking book “Umami world recipe Vol. 4 Filipino (Philipine cuisine)” by Umami Information Centre (photography by YAYOI at her kitchen in UK)

<New Project>

Her interior & flower photography has led to a new passion of flower decor styling. Her unique styling can be seen at private events. Currently working on her new project 'Pure elegance '   Please contact YAYOI if you want to see this new floral photobook.

1988年渡英。モード雑誌、ハイファッションを中心に英国、スイス、スウェーデンなど海外の媒体に撮影かたわら日本のTV媒体(NHK.フジテレビ)ニュース番組プロデュース。その後、ファッションからライフスタイル(ウエディング、インテリア、ガーデン、花と装飾、料理、ポートレート)のビジュアル重視の撮影に方向を変える。撮影は、The Best Flower Arrangement, 英国特集、Vogue Japan, Vogue UK, Italian Vogue, Marie Claire, Hi Fashion, Garden Illustrated, Living Etc.を始めとする多くの媒体、さらにPonta BoxやミュージッシャンのCDカバーや本の撮影。
Umami world recipe Vol. 4 Filipino (フィリピンの料理本)” は英国の自宅キッチンにて撮影 by Umami Information Centre

この作品集である写真本 ‘Pure Elegance‘をご覧になりたい方はご連絡ください。

 Contact :   info@yayoiworld.com
                   07956 4747 58





YAYOI (London)